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Apprentice training;Project 1. How to renew a Land Rover Discovery TD5 front wheel bearing

BACKROUND: Joe was introduced to A J Reynolds by Frome Community College. He had failed his maths and english exams and had gone back to school on a year "Employability Course" He had school days to pass his maths and english and two work experience days to prepare him for the work place. A J Reynolds only provided unpaid work experience and was not under any pressure to employ him after the years course. However Joe worked hard and showed qualities during his work experience and was offered an appreticeship and full time employment. Joe has successfully completed Year 1 and is now in Year 2 of his light vehicle apprenticeship.

INTRODUCTION: I have decided to run a series of projects carried out by my apprentices, this gives me an opportunity to guage their progress and also to give them on the job training. It`s always refreshing working with the apprentices and gives me so much job satisfaction. I own a 2003 Land Rover Discovery TD5, its an ideal vehicle to use for training.

REPORTED FAULT: Very loud whinning when driving around right hand bends and roundabouts.

DIAGNOSIS: I drove the vehicle with Joe in the passenger seat, and demonstrated how to carry out a test drive. This was having the respect for the vehicle and in the future a customers car. After the bearing warmed up the noise occurred and was determined to come from n/s/f. When the vehicle was brought into the garage and the wheels jacked up and rotated, n/s/f was rough and noisey, it also felt hotter. All the other bearings were tested and did not show similiar faults.


1. Loosen the wheelnuts with the wheel on the ground and the handbrake applied. A great tip is to always undo the locking wheelnut first.

2. Jack up the vehicle and place a stand to support the vehicle. Remove the wheel.

3. Remove the brake pads, mark the pads inner and outer as they are going to be refitted.

4. Remove the brake caliper and position safely and securely, use a large nylon tie.

5. Remove the brake disc and dust shield.

6. Use a punch to unset the drive shaft nut lock tab. Undo the 32mm nut.

7. Remove the ABS sensor from the hub.

8. Remove the hub mounting bolts and remove the hub leaving the drive shaft in position.

9. Clean the axle where the hub positions.

10. Clean the drive shaft splines.

11. Reassemble in reverse order. Correctly torque tightening all bolts and wheel nuts

12. Road test vehicle - all OK

13. Clean and pack away tools. Put old hub in the metal recycling bin. Sweep repair bay ready for the next job.


This was a great training exercise, it did take an extra 1.5 hours to a standard customer repair. Joe showed alot of promise and answered related questions competently. He learnt alot about technique, tool selection and where to find vehicle data. I look forward to our next project. A J Reynolds has had an apprentice programme since 1992 and has trained many apprentices. We work closely with SS&L (formerly Somerset Skills and Learning) and Trowbridge College. We also have the added value of Autocare, TopTruck and Approved Garages to train our staff.

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