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Help yourself towards an MOT pass.


Your vehicle can be presented for an an MOT test up to 30 days before the current MOT expires, when the vehicle has passed, the new certificate will be post dated to the old certificate. The advantages of an early test are; no days are lost due to an early test, booking a test at a convenient time, carrying out any repairs with a vehicle still in test and never driving a vehicle out of test.


The following points are not FAIL criteria as listed in the DVSA MOT Inspection manual and should not be detriment to the roadworthiness of the vehicle. However put yourself in the position of the MOT tester and what sort of first impression would you have of your own vehicle?

i If the vehicle has a cherished number plate or there will be a difficulty in defining its age bring in the V5 document, this will save the tester time.

ii Make sure the vehicle is clean so that all testable items can be properly inspected, the tester can then make correct assessment of possible PASS, FAIL or ADVISE.

iii There is adequate fuel, oil,washer fluid and other levels to carry out the test. Low levels may give the tester a wrong impression about the maintenance of the vehicle.

iv Make sure the boot and rear seats are empty, this aids inspection and saves time.

v All the seat belts are present and not jammed under folded seats, loads or rubbish.

vi Have all seats up and in a driving position, not folded down.

vii All doors, bonnet, boot lid, fuel cap and tailgate that are designed to open, do open freely.

viii The interior is clean, a tester has to look and feel around seat bases, inner sills and footwells.

ix Not every tester smokes, so think before that last cigarette or the over flowing ashtray.


Keep your vehicle regularly serviced and repair any defects as they occur. Check on any ADVISE items from the last Mot test, get them repaired, an ADVISE from last year could well be a FAIL this year.

Check that all lights work and that lens are not broken, wing mirrors are secure and not cracked/damaged obscurring the view to the rear. Tyres have enough tread and are not damaged. Windscreen washers work and wipers clear the screen. All doors that are meant to open do both from inside and outside. The fuel cap seals and the locking key is readily available.

Clean out the inside removing all rubbish and wash off the outside.

Reset all seats and untangle seat belts.

A J REYNOLDS Car and Truck Services

At the garage we are always available to check an item if you the customer is not sure, just give us a call and a two minute check will be carried out for FREE. Of course any diagnosis that exceeds 10 minutes and any subsequent repairs will be invoiced as necessary. If you have lights that dont work or wipers that need changing and you want us to carry out the repair, let us know when you book the MOT test so we can allow for that extra time, our testers work to a timetable and sometimes have not got the time to test and carry out repairs. We are here to assist and be fair. If in doubt give us a call 01373 451383.

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